Dear Parents,

I understand your concern when your kids, the most precious thing in your life, joins an unknown website and chats with people he/she doesn't know. I guarantee that you have nothing to worry about.

First of all, allow me to introduce myself and my team. I am the owner and founder of "The Rocket Studios", an entertainment network which focuses on kids and teens. We have developed a variety of products, all of them aimed at children. I first got involved with Snail Paradise in 2015, after The Rocket Studios reached an agreement with the owner. Me and my team would handle all logistic and creative aspects of the game, while Zach and his team would be in charge of actually making it. However, during an unexpected turn of events The Rocket Studios ended up gaining ownership of Snail Paradise.

We merged both teams and got to work, we changed our focus from creating a game, to creating a community. We began working day and night on our goal of creating a game worthy enough of being played.

We encountered several problems, from a lack of trust, to not having a developer but we finally got there. We created a storyline and presented it to some members of our small, but growing, community. They loved it.

By now, you may feel you are reading our story, instead of a letter trying to gain your trust, but that is what we were aiming for. As you read in the past paragraphs, Snail Paradise is more than just a game. We have dedicated our hearts and souls over the last 3 years, not to create a business or a for-profit game, but to create a community, where our players are the ones who get the last word in whatever we do.

For this reason, we are more than commited to taking care of them. The Snail Paradise community has been my home for the last 3 years, and I care about each and everyone of the individual snails.

Some of you might be aware about the significant delay which we faced, the reason for this delay was security. We have spent the last 8 months improving our systems and making sure no one can access them. We have also implemented some of the best filters and chat bots available, and as an extra step, we have moderators online 24/7. Players are unaware of who the moderators are, but when they are caught breaking the Snail Paradise rules, they will immediatly be banned.

I guarentee, that I will to the best of my ability work tirelessly in order to keep our community and home safe.
We encourage you to read our Terms Of Service, our Privacy Policy, and the Snail Paradise Rules.

Thank you,
Santiago Mayer
Chief Executive Officer
The Rocket Studios

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