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Snail Paradise: A Closer Look

By Jammy on September 2, 2018

Welcome to September, snails! As promised, we are bringing you a closer look at the paradise and everything surrounding it. We’ll be breaking down concepts for the game, which might answer some questions that you have!






Progression in the game is our first topic to discuss. Snail Paradise will have two progression systems. With both systems, you require XP to rank up.



The first system is the regular game progression. Game XP can be earned through the things you do every day. Actions like talking to fellow snails, playing mini-games and even purchasing items will reward you with that ever-so-important XP. Upon leveling up, snails will be awarded mysterious Magic Boxes. What do you think they’ll contain?


Game progression will start at launch with a total of fifty levels. With fifty more being added every season. As an example, in ten years that would be… a lot of levels to rank up to!


The second system is Season progression. Season XP can be gained by following the fun and challenging quests listed in the…



Shell Pass


Shell Pass tiers are unlocked everytime you level up in Season progression. For example, the first quest could be to like 5 other players. When you do that, you’d be Season Lvl. 1 and unlock Tier one. Shell Pass rewards will vary depending on the season and will often be linked to the season’s theme.



Completing a Shell Pass will award you a totally epic outfit. Do you like the system? Let us know. 



Community Challenges


Because we all love helping others, don’t we? Community Challenges are ways for snails to work as a community and achieve common goals to unlock snailtastic, in-game rewards.



The challenges will be refreshed regularly to keep the content fresh and persuading more snails to be team-spirited consistently.



Item Shop


In the shop, you can buy outfits! This means you can buy different items and try on any wacky combination of items that you can wear at once! So you can show off your funky side.




The shop is where you can spend your heard earned SnailBucks, but not all items are the same. Items have three different rarities; ‘Common’, ‘Rare’ and ‘Legendary’. The cost of items is based on these ranks.




As most games nowadays, Snail Paradise will have seasons. These will include new and updated Shell Passes, new rooms and areas, new minigames, new snail skins, items and outfits, and new features.


In order to keep content fresh, we will be adding some big features every season too. Pets (Pixies and Soinks), Cottages, and Private Messaging will all come with Seasons. Our Year Zero Season, which will accompany Public Beta launch, will include gigantic improvements to the chat and will cover the Holiday season and Spring. For the first few months of this Season, the Paradise will be covered in snow. Isn’t that exciting?



We will reveal a roadmap detailing when to expect a certain Season and what it will include closely after launch. Content will never run dry. 


The Game


We are super excited to be able to announce that our development is progressing at a rapid pace. At the moment, we are estimating that Snail Paradise will release to the public in mid-December. Snails with a Closed Beta pass will be able to access a live, work-in-progress version of Snail Paradise starting in October. 



Snail Paradise is finally at a stage where we feel comfortable showing footage to the public, which is why you can see some gameplay above. Wanna see more? Join us on September 8th at 12 PM PST on our YouTube channel on for a live Q&A session and even more game-play.

That’s all Snails. We hope you love everything talked about today, tweet us with your opinions!


*Please note that not all features will be available during beta.