Snail Paradise - Have Fun at Your Own Pace


By Lock on June 24, 2018

Hello, snails.


Story Saturday has been vaguely mentioned on our Twitter @SnailParadise, which gives us a basic idea relating to the title. This blog post will be going over what has yet to be announced following this exciting new blog segment. The team hopes you enjoy what’s to come. Remember that feedback is highly appreciated. Snail strives on our snailtastic community. The community is and always will be our #1 focus.


For the past two months, #SnailtasticSunday has been all about new sneak peeks and, while we’ve had tons of fun, we also want to save some mystery for launch. From next week forward, #SnailtasticSunday will not only be about sneak peeks, but we will introduce new dynamics and fun activities where we can interact with you. Story Saturday is part of our push for community interaction, it will bring the community together with each new blog posts properly introducing you to Snail Paradise’s amazing mascots and some of the lore surrounding the Paradise. We might even introduce some new mascots every now and then. If you’re a bookworm (or a booksnail) the team truly thinks you’ll love it. Even if reading is not for you, there will be photos made by the Snail Picasso team from our Discord.


We will strive to make this segment have something for everyone. The story shall begin the 21st with every third Saturday of the month. You’ll decide how each story goes by voting on Twitter polls. The Twitter will also share short snippets of the upcoming stories. The first poll will go up in the near future letting YOU decide how the first story begins.


Have a snailtastic day!