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Beta Shell Design Contest

By Ago on May 11, 2018

Hello, snails.


As Snail Paradise gets ready to launch, we have had several discussions on how SP’s beta item should look. We’ve gone from a simple shell with a star, to an 8-ball, someone even proposed having a rocket glued to it. The more we talked about this, the more we saw that making this decision ourselves would be not only hard, but also incredibly unfair.  


These past months we have committed time and time again to make the community a part of Snail Paradise’s decision process, and we’ve done this with some small things, like allowing you to choose the color (or colors) of the user interface, and we read every idea we receive and make sure we consider each of them, but we have never put something as big as the Beta Shell in the hands of the community. 


The Beta Shell will forever be an iconic piece of history in Snail Paradise, and as we’ve said already, there is no Snail Paradise without the community, so we are giving you the chance to design it.


The dynamic is simple, you can use the outline provided above and fill it out with whatever crazy ideas you have (you could even add something above the shell), when your masterpiece is done, you can tweet it at us with #SnailParadiseBetaShell. We’ll retweet all entries with the official Snail Paradise Twitter account. The tweet with the highest number of RTs and likes by May 21st will be declared as the winner and will have their design immortalized by the Snail Paradise art team.

If you do not have a Twitter account, you can email us at, we will tweet the shell for you. 


We can’t wait to start receiving your snailtastic entries.