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Introducing: Badges!

By Ago on April 22, 2018

Hello, snails!

We hope you’re having a snailtastic Sunday! Today we will be revealing badges, what they are, and how they work. 


In Snail Paradise, badges are rewarded for accomplishing different things we have set up for you. For example, by getting to level 10, you will receive the “Lvl. 10” badge. Your player card has enough space for you to pin up to 3 different badges at the same time, as seen below. 



Badges are something we have been planning since the beginning, we want to make it hard, but not impossible, to collect all badges. We will have 6 badges at launch with the possibility of us adding more with content drops later.


Badge concepts


Aside from progression badges (given out at levels 10, 25, and 50), we will also give badges out for finishing quests, winning a contest, or participating in our beta testing.  Being a Snail+ subscriber is also rewarded with a badge, in case you wanna show your friends.


We’re also looking to provide a certain assurance when meeting a team member or mascot, so you’ll be able to quickly identify them by looking for the “Staff” badge on their player card.





We hope you enjoyed this feature introduction and would appreciate if you let us know your thoughts on our official Twitter account. This is the first of a new weekly post series which will provide an introduction to Snail Paradise features and an insight into our development. Every now and then, these posts will also include our brand new “Take a Stand” section, in which you will be able to decide and vote on several different things. 


Have a snailtastic week!