Snail Paradise - Have Fun at Your Own Pace

Spring Art Contest Winners

By Pierre on April 1, 2018

The clock is ringing and time is up. Snails from all over the paradise had just under two weeks to plan, create and submit wonderful masterpieces for our Spring Art Contest. We were pleased to see that many snails had got stuck into the project, picked up their paint brushes and entered.


After some judging performed by members of the staff team from art to public relations, we have decided on our top three winners. Although everyone did a wonderful job, we think that the following had a really good artistic vision and captured the idea of the contest the best.


Honorsea –


What a wonderful piece of art created here. It’s a lovely image of how the artist imagines April Fool’s day celebrations within the Paradise. An interesting addition with the Easter Egg Hunt, I wonder if we will ever find them!


Jay755 –


Another masterpiece created here. It’s great to see how snails are busy at work preparing the Paradise for us to join soon. It appears that someone has dropped a few Easter eggs around, how many can you see?


Bressajr –


This snail is equipped with some cute bunny ears, the must have look for the spring season. It appears that they have found some of their own Easter eggs, maybe they are from the beautiful art pieces above! The eggs must look even better once cracked open.


Well done to the above winners. We thank everyone that took time to enter the contest and we appreciate all of the hard work that went into creating every single one. We wish everyone a wonderful Easter and hope you all get hopping along the Paradise very soon.