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New Mascot in the Paradise!

By Jammy on March 25, 2018

The observant snails may have noticed that recently we have been hinting towards the reveal of something. What could this be?


Well, we are very excited to reveal a new mascot! Meet Tess, a reckless, adventurous and curious snail who tends to get into tricky, and sometimes dangerous situations. She and her sister, Ginny, are proud to be some of the Paradise’s founders. Helping Dr. Snailington day and night, although in some very different ways. 



While Ginny took over Joe’s role as Dr. Snailington’s assistant, Tess helps him by exploring the Paradise and discovering new areas so that their society grows. Tess was actually the one who discovered Paradise Island.  She and her expeditionary team, spend weeks in the Paradise’s seas, not knowing if or when they’d find land. But they did, and they also found a gigantic tree, which they converted into the infamous “Island Hotel”.


Tess and Ginny, who you will learn more about next Sunday, are extremely different and can never agree on anything, except on wanting the Paradise to be the perfect home for all snails, and both of them will be waiting for you in June. 


Thank you for your time, snails!
Have a snailtastic day!