Snail Paradise - Have Fun at Your Own Pace

Spring Art Contest

By Jammy on March 18, 2018

Calling all artists and creative snails from all over the Paradise. This week’s Snailtastic Sunday launches our brand new art competition!

Starting today, Sunday 18th, you have just under two weeks to plan, create and submit your wonderful masterpieces. Entries can be submitted on Twitter using #SnailtasticArt or by emailing them at

Snails love hanging out with the Easter Bunny and looking for Easter eggs, so we recommend you include them in your artwork as well as having a spring themed piece.

Introducing Medals

Through developing this contest, the team has come up with a method of recognizing competition winners. From now on, winners of contests ran by Snail Paradise will be rewarded with an in-game medal item to represent your victory.

This contest is the first contest to incorporate our new reward, so to be in with a chance of being the first medal holder, make sure to submit your entry.

Get hopping, the Spring Art Contest runs until the 31st March.