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A Message Regarding Snail Paradise’s Status

By Thane on February 12, 2018

A Message Regarding Snail Paradise’s Hiatus

Salutation’s my slimy friends! There is a certain issue we at the SP HQ would like to address.
As you all might have noticed, the process of Snail Paradise has been going super slow lately, (as slow as us snails!) and you may be looking for answers. This post will hopefully answer any questions or concerns you might have about the progress of Snail Paradise, alongside the current process and issues we are facing.


Where is our Paradise?

First and foremost, we are slithering closer and closer to the paradise each day, with our staff very hard at work! However, with a lot of work and effort put into development, there are issues certainly to be solved. So though we are hitting some roadblocks with development, there are still plenty of things to be looking forward to within a small amount of time! With that said though, the Paradise is just within reach and it’s only a matter of time before we reach it!


What are other roadblocks slowing progress down?

A lack of resources. Funding is quite the big issue, considering we are a relatively small group of developers, artists, and staff trying to reach a really big goal. We also have a single developer, complicating things even further. However, with your help through donations, we should be able to put these worries aside, making the Paradise a place for all snails to take shelter in.


Is there anything we, the players can do?

Of course! We are in dire need of not only financial funding but staff! Knowledgeable people to help and join us, the SP team, in creating the best utopia for snails everywhere!


You can donate here, and you can apply to join the team here.


Thank you for your time, snails!
Have a snailtastic night!