"Have Fun at Your Own Pace" it is those 6 words that prompted the creation of the original Snail Paradise and its highly anticipated return.
After years of facing bullying themselves, the team decided to create a world where everyone is equal and is able to have fun at their own, individual pace, without the fear of being judged.

"A Virtual World For The New Generation "


After the closure of popular online games, Snail Paradise sticks to its mission of being a virtual world for the new generation. Based on the real-life story of Snail Paradise, our in-game storyline follows Dr. Snailington, an extremely intelligent snail who after being hurt by a human boy decides to flee our world.

With help of Joe, his friend and assistant, Dr. Snailington opens a portal to a new dimension but, while in the portal, Joe gets sucked out.
Dr. Snailington decides to stick to his mission and constructs a town with materials he and Joe brought from the human world. He names the dimension "The Paradise".

The portal has finally opened, will you join him?

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